CE 200 V- 160 meters?

George Maier gmaier at ULTRANET.COM
Sun Apr 4 14:34:33 EDT 1999

They were both identical in that respect.  There was a 60's article
around that showed how to home brew 160M coils for the 100/200V by the
well know DX'er KH6IJ.  Maybe some one has this and can send you a
copy.   I's don't know of any 100's or 200's  that had factory coils,
but could have been some.  I've got both here, and the 200V is actually
a bit easier to operate, but the 100V has a few more bells & whistles.
No matter, they're both beter than any other SSB exciter ever made, bar
George Maier - K1GXT

Floyd Sense wrote:

>  I've not been able to locate a 100V, so will likely buy a 200V that's
> available.  The 200V did not come stock with the 160M couplers
> installed, but I understand that there's a spare position on the
> bandswitch and that the coupler(s) can be installed in that position.
> Can any 200V owner verify that is indeed the case?  If the coupler
> could be located, can 160 coverage be added by just installing the
> coupler or are there other changes to be made?  Does the 200V manual
> cover the installation? K8ACFloyd Sense in Angier, NC

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