Bargain Rare Tube Checker FS

Mon Apr 12 15:00:21 EDT 1999

In keeping with recent listings of fine, rare gear for sale, I modestly
offer the following magnificent opportunity for someone to have for
their very own, the following gems:

Tuning capacitor from Heath AG-10 Sine-Square Wave Generator.  It really
shouldn't be beyond the ingenuity of this fine group of electronic
geniuses to figure out some way to remove the glue, cement or whatever
it is that prevents the mechanism from turning.

$550.00 plus shipping from 30078.;

Hickock Model 532 Tube Checker.  Shows much hard wear.  I think it was
painted gray at one time. No problem for any of the expert sheet metal
workers out there. Meter is inoperative, but any old meter should work
OK.  Knobs are a bit grungy, but Mr. Clean will no doubt fix that right
up.  Wiring insulation is falling off, but think what a challenge it
will be to completely rewire this genuine, rare antique unit! The front
panel shows definite evidence of long, hard and continuous use in a
variety of environments--a testimony to the ruggedness of this finely
crafted piece of test equipment.  The transformer and the roll chart
work fine.  Only $2598.98, plus shipping.

Hurry before these one-of-a-kind rare items are gone!



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