Fwd: The Final Paxton Warehouse Auction announced!

Christian Fandt cfandt at NETSYNC.NET
Wed Apr 14 13:04:27 EDT 1999

For you folks who are near or can get to Portland, OR this weekend here's
an auction with some BA gear. I know of this guy (Paxton Hoag) through the
Classic Computer reflector. There's a Swan 400 listed in the Radio section
of the URL given in Jim's msg below.

Test Equip't section has several BA things and there's some ancient
computer items plus shelving/racks which interest me but I'm at the other
end of the USA and my NY State Lottery number hasn't hit yet :(  There's
even a graphite section of a reactor core from the Hanford site. New, never

Maybe there's other BA stuff of interest not listed. Let us know what's
found if anybody from here goes.

Good luck,  Chris
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>From: James Willing <jimw at agora.rdrop.com>
>To: "Discussion re-collecting of classic computers"
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>Subject: The Final Paxton Warehouse Auction announced!
>Just when you thot it would never happen...
>   (and with almost no notice as usual)
>Its going down this Saturday, 17-April-1999!
>Preview at 0900    Auction starts at 1100
>Details (such as they are) at:
>(for those not familiar with this - its in Portland, Oregon)
>jimw at computergarage.org
>The Computer Garage - http://www.computergarage.org
>Computer Garage Fax - (503) 646-0174
>>>> Coming soon to www.computergarage.org - the CBBS/NW on-line archives
>>>> Coming to VCF III (2-3 October 1999) - CBBS/NW live!
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