Bi-Push Transmitter From Dec 1938 Radio

Stanley Wilson microres at CRL.COM
Sat Apr 17 15:08:49 EDT 1999

I ran across reference to a Bi-Push transmitter described as the 4-25
designed by W.W. Smith W6BCX Editor or Radio and described in Radio
December 1938.  Sorry I do not have a copy of the article.

Anyway I understand that it was 4 bands, 25 watts output exciter.  Its
claim to fame was that you could change bands in 5 seconds.  No plug-in coils

Built by Radio-Television Supply Co or Los Angeles, Calif

I understand that a XT3 Smith Exciter also existed.  4-bands in 4
seconds, no trick circuits, replaced the Bi-Push, 35 watts output, no
neutralizing, equal output on all bands.  mfr was Radio Supply also of
Los Angeles.

Can anyone provide information on these circuits,  anyone have any issues
of Radio from 1938.  Think radio was published by Editor and Engineers.

de stan ak0b

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