Amp Supply LA--1000-A amp problem csc at SMARTT.COM
Sat Apr 17 16:36:47 EDT 1999

I am using an Amp Supply model LA-1000-A linear amp with four 6MJ6 /
6LQ6 sweep tubes.

I am looking for some help to solve a problem with it.

On the 160 meter band with about 100 watts drive it will produce about
100 to 150 watts RF out on key down. As the selected band increases
the RF out inreases dramatically.

For each band the key down RF out is listed below

160 meters     150 watts approx out   100 watts drive
80  meters     300 watts        out   100 watts drive
40  meters     550 watts        out    80 watts drive
20  meters    >600 watts        out    50 watts drive
15  meters    >600 watts        out    20 watts drive
10  meters    >600 watts        out    10 watts drive

As shown above it becomes more critical to drive and to some extent
unstable on the higher bands.

This particular model uses a tuned input on each band.

I would expect a more uniform output across the bands than what this
amp is producing.

I have tried a complete set of replacement tubes of different
manufacture with the similar results.

If anyone has any ideas as to what could be wrong I would appreciate a
reply to csc at



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