Hallicrafters KNOBS

Ian Webb ian_webb at PACBELL.NET
Wed Apr 28 19:52:30 EDT 1999

I have some Hallicrafters SX-62 knobs.  All but one knob is a later
style fluted knob and the other knob is a straight sided main tuning
knob with a silver center insert.  The knobs, of course, also are proper
for many other pieces of Hallicrafters equipment.

The fluted knobs have only been given a cursory "bath" and need some
cleaning up and polishing.  The pictures below have been sharpened to
better show you their condition and the head on view emphasizes pits and
defects.  Since the skirts have recessed lettering (engraved?) it should
be possible to do a bit of surface polishing on the skirts to improve
the looks and remove some of the aluminum corrosion and pitting without
destroying the lettering.

One of the knobs with the 0 to 10 scale on it has had the skirt squashed
in skipping due to poor packing when the receiver was sent to me and
another one or two have knobs that have skirts that are a bit distorted
but I think those can be fixed with minimum problem.  Fortunately the
squashed 0 to 10 skirts seem to be fairly common and the skirts are
fastened on with screws so it should be possible to replace it if it
can't be reformed.

Take a look and note the NUMBER of the knob you are interested in and
view it in top and partial side view and drop me an e-mail and we can
discuss your needs.  I am NOT going necessarily to sell the knobs to the
person who responds first but would like to give others who don't happen
to be reading posts every few hours a chance to let me know what they're
interested in.





Ian, K6SDE

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