As the world turns...

Tue Aug 3 11:27:39 EDT 1999

>     I hold in my hand a flyer from an area electronics store
>which includes the following statemnt:
>>     *SIGH*  The dumbing down of America continues - or I am
>a dinosaur (or both).  So much for "common knowledge."  I wonder
>how many people out there do not know they can receive TV "free"
>off the air.  Well, I gotta admire the advertiser's playing off
>ignorance.  Gee!  Free TV if I buy one of their antennas!

Living in "the big city" for too many years makes me cheer for
the cable TV company!  I have been, during my younger years,
before "cable TV", restricted to small power levels so that the
TVI problem did not appear.  Viewers with "rabbit ear" antennas
expect crystal clear pictures without a hint of amateur produced
"herringbone" interference.  Cable TV eradicated a great deal
of this mindset by the TV viewing audience.
I think cable TV is great as there *really* isn't anything decent
to watch
on NBC/ABC/CBS...etc. now.  If I didn't have AMC, the History
Channel, etc.  I wouldn't even own a television set!
I'd like to see all the broadcast TV on VHF bands totally
UHF is the place for that.  If the CATV companies get the "fiber
cable going properly, it will render on the air digital TV

Sandy W5TVW

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