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Upon the date 12:27 PM 8/4/99 -1000, Jeffrey Herman said something like:
>Gang, check out  for air variable capacitors.
>Peruse their history section -- they bought out the Hammarlund and Johnson
>capacitor divisions. Nice to know we have a source for US-made air
>variables. Let's patronize 'em!

Hey folks,

Indeed it is great to see a US manufacturer still in business, especially
one who has carried on the well known names of itself and other brands it
had absorbed. _Lots_ of history connected to those names and respective

However, while reviewing its History page, there seems to be a niggling
error, IMO. Look at and go
down to the date "1971". They present a new version of the origin of the
moniker "ham" that I'd _never_ heard of.

Is this revisionist history or is there something to it?? Usually, its
etymology is influenced by "am(ateur)" from several sources I vaguely
recall over the years.

I have not had a chance to check for accuracy other points of history they
list, but nevertheless, this is a great page which helps guide some of us
interested in amateur and general communications history.

Thanks for point this site out Jeffrey.

Regards,  Chris
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