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Jim Strohm jstrohm at TEXAS.NET
Thu Aug 5 09:30:20 EDT 1999

Upon the date 12:27 PM 8/4/99 -1000, Jeffrey Herman said something
>Gang, check out  for air variable
> Let's patronize 'em!

Sure, I'd love to.

Did you notice that clicking on their "How to Order" button
didn't give you anything like a catalog or a price sheet
or an e-commerce page?  Just a fax number.

Now, I'll acknowledge that variable capacitors may not
be the highest tech component available today -- but
if I need something today, I need it TODAY, and need
access to pricing, availability, and ease of ordering.

The same goes for information.  IMHO, these gents need
to put a catalog online in PDF, preferably with some
indication of prices.  As far as what it will cost --
for EVERY customer inquiry, they will have to work up
a custom quote.  After about three of those, they've
expended more time than making a PDF catalog would take,
without addressing any of the multitude of window-shoppers
and informaation gatherers like me.

my 2 kilobytes worth...

Jim  N6OTQ

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