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Upon the date 06:30 AM 8/5/99 -0700, Jim Strohm said something like:
>Upon the date 12:27 PM 8/4/99 -1000, Jeffrey Herman said something
>>Gang, check out  for air variable
>> Let's patronize 'em!
>Sure, I'd love to.
>Did you notice that clicking on their "How to Order" button
>didn't give you anything like a catalog or a price sheet
>or an e-commerce page?  Just a fax number.
  -- snip --
>The same goes for information.  IMHO, these gents need
>to put a catalog online in PDF, preferably with some
>indication of prices.  As far as what it will cost --
>for EVERY customer inquiry, they will have to work up
>a custom quote.  After about three of those, they've
>expended more time than making a PDF catalog would take,
>without addressing any of the multitude of window-shoppers
>and informaation gatherers like me.

Well, tell 'em!! :-)   If they are anything like an ex-employer of mine,
the Marketing or Sales department has to be literally hit over the head
with feedback (constructive!) before they will expend re$ource$ to get
something done. If they have standard catalog products, they could be
convinced to put them online, that is if they've not already begun planning
to do that. If they concentrate more on high-volume OEM sales, then it may
fall on deaf ears. Can't hurt to try though.

Regards,  Chris
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