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Will White wcw at USWEST.NET
Tue Aug 10 22:19:31 EDT 1999

Hey All--

Probably better to be safe than sorry, though the law is far from clear on
this. USENET becomes public domain immediately. That's how DejaNews and other
web based archives/readers got their start. Anyone can do it, legal in full.
Listservs are a bit trickier. We have an open list, but until someone formally
goes through the subscription process, it is invisible to the rest of the net
community and de facto private.

In matters of private email, as before (and still) with snail mail, only one
party must consent to the re-publication or other use of a message, or letter.
Since we send messages to the list, all recipients/list members can rightly be
considered one of those "parties," I would think.

Michael Crestohl wrote:
> Hello Chris:
> Well I don't really want to get into doing this for a couple of reasons,
> namely copyright issues.  I am not a lawyer but it is my guess that the
> folks who posted the material would each have to give me permission and
> that would be a monumental task.  I am just trying to recover the costs of
> the media instead of erasing the diskettes.
> Cordially,
> Michael
> At 01:35 PM 8/10/1999 -0400, you wrote:
> >Upon the date 12:58 PM 8/10/99 -0400, Michael Crestohl said something like:
> > >Hi Gang:
> > >
> > >I recently copied all my archive files of the original Boatanchors List
> > >from a big stack (40) floppy disks to a CD.  These go right back to August
> > >13th 1992 when it was started through it's period on the MIT server to June
> > >1998 when I stopped keeping them in this format.  These contain every
> > >message that I received from that list.  Now I have a stack of 1.44 MB
> > >diskettes.  I made two sets; (one as a backup). I don't want to just erase
> > >them and reuse the diskettes so I've decided to sell them for $20.00 each
> > >including postage.
> >
> >Hi Mike,
> >
> >Golly, that's a great resource in those two stacks of diskettes! One could
> >research BA questions and perhaps get a good deal of info from them as
> >there's been a lot of diffrent bits of important info presented here since
> >I've joined (April 1997). So, possibly burn some more copies of the CD and
> >sell them for a nominal price?
> >
> >Just askin'.
> >
> >Regards, Chris

Will White, KD7BFX

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