Wanted: 30S1 Parts & pieces

Dave & Debby Anderson danderso at EROLS.COM
Wed Aug 11 02:59:29 EDT 1999


I have acquired what I hope to be a 30S-1 again sometime in the future.
This will be a major project, since what I have now is pretty much a

I am going to need to obtain, in no particular order, the power supply
shelf, a blower, the meters, and all of the iron (chokes &

I know that SSN has the meters and some of the parts, and I know that
I'm going to have to send Peter Dahl an order, but I thought that I
would first appeal to you folks for any help you might be able to give.

Maybe someone who has upgraded their plate transformer would be willing
to sell me the old one, or maybe you have some miscellaneous parts
sitting around.

I'm not going to be doing this with any sort of monetary gain in mind (I
suspect that I'll wind up spending way too much time & money on this
before I finish) since I have no intention of ever selling it, but as a
way to save this very tired beast from the junkyard. Besides, I really
want to have a 30S-1 again.

Also, if you have any 'inside knowledge', technical information, or
printed information beyond what is in the standard Collins manual, I
sure would like to get it from you. It has been 15 years since I had a
30S-1, and my memory of the insides is a little dim.

My thanks for any help that you may be able to give.

Dave Anderson

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