Results of 100V key click mod...

Floyd Sense sentek at SPRINTMAIL.COM
Wed Aug 11 17:50:27 EDT 1999

Well, the modification to the 100V to reduce the spike on CW key closure
worked like a charm.  The spike and resulting click are completely gone.  If
you have a 100V or 200V that you use on CW, you ought to check to see that
you don't have the problem.  Hard to believe there are still units floating
around and in use that haven't been modified, but you never know.  To check
your transmitter, simply key it up at full power on each band, looking at
the built-in scope.  If you see anything other than a perfect vertical trace
when you first key it, you have the problem.  As mentioned before, you may
not see it on 10 and 20, but it could be there on 15, 40, 80.   The output
risetime to full power is 2 1/2 to 3 ms as seen on  a scope connected across
the dummy load.

I used a value of 15K instead of the 30K shown in the diagram for the new
resistor to ground.  That value came from Nick Tusa.

Floyd Sense in Angier, NC

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