Come on guys- Be a Hero

David Stinson arc5 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Tue Aug 17 10:27:19 EDT 1999

Come on, guys....
The group restoring the early configuration Corsair
in Meridian, Idaho* needs just one more piece to have
the radios complete.  They need an MT-64/ARC-5
three receiver shock mount.

I *know* some of you reading this have one in a dusty corner.
"I'm going to get around to it," you think.
Yes-- I do the same thing.  But you've been thinking that
for, how many years now?  And I'm willing to trade for
some other shock mount or other thingy.  I don't have everything
but I do have a lot of stuff out there in the landslide-
I mean garage.
Or if you just don't want to swap with me
because my feet stink or something,
talk to Al-- they're willing to pay a reasonable price.

Think of that small boy at the air show-
he might be your grandchild-
someday asking the pilot:
"Excuse me, sir.  I'd sure like to see the old radios
in this airplane.  My grandfather told me about them."
The pilot, with a sad and downcast expression, says:
"I'm sorry, son.  Those ham fellows wouldn't sell us
the very, very last part we needed.  So we couldn't
put them in.   But we hope, some day, some really
great radio hero with a big heart will find us
that shock mount.  Then you'll see a real
radio setup from your grand daddy's time!
You'll come back then, won't you?"
The boy, sad and disappointed but determined
and hopeful, purses his lips and says:
"You bet I will, sir!  I just know one day
that great radio hero will help you!"
"That's the spirit!" the pilot says, and
salutes the young lad as he climbs into the
cockpit.  The boy, remembering his gallant
grandfather, salutes back and thinks of
the day he'll shake that great radio person's hand.

So come one, guys.  Be a hero.
Dust off that shock mount!

73 Dave AB5S
(Hey! I heard that! :)

*(I mistakenly wrote Arizona the last time I begged.
   Contact is Al Duddles   aduddles at  )

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