Attention Hamfest Goers.

David Stinson arc5 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Sun Aug 29 00:09:26 EDT 1999

If you're going to Shelby or any other hamfest:

I'm a serious collector of WW-II aircraft radios.
I pay and trade well for rare or unusual
"ARC-5" type Command Set radios and accessories.
Types for which I'm looking include:

Any transmitter, receiver, rack, modulator,
control box etc. marked *BOTH*
"Aircraft Radio Corp." *AND* "SIGNAL CORPS  U.S. ARMY"

BC-942 Receiver in unmodified condition.
This receiver, made by Western Electric, looks just like the
common AN/ARC-5 R-28 VHF receiver but has a Signal Corps U.S. Army
nomenclature plate showing BC-942.
Western Electric BC-699 transmitter (looks like a T-23).
AN/ARC-5 R-112 Receiver
AN/ARC-5 R-113 Receiver
AN/ARC-5 T-89 Transmitter
AN/ARC-5 T-90 Transmitter
Any radio, rack, part, dynamotor or accessory marked
 for set RAT, RAT-1 or RAV in any condition.
BC-455 with English Lorenz modification for 28-41 MC.
Any AN/ARC-5 unit with "X" appended
 to its nomenclature (i.e. AN/ARC-5 R-26X)
Crystal Frequency Meter O-4/ARC-5.
Any unit factory-marked in Cyrillic.

Anything else odd or unusual in this line is
always of interest.

TNX ES 73 DE Dave Stinson AB5S
arc5 at

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