Heath Wattmeter, phone patch, etc. FS

Ken Simpson W8EK at FDT.NET
Sun Aug 29 08:48:49 EDT 1999

Heath items for sale:

Heath HM-102 Wattmeter.  This is the HF version of the
wattmeter, and scales for 200 W and 2000W, as well as SWR.
It has a removable remote sensor, so the meter can be about
3 feet from the sensor.  This looks in great shape, not quite
like new, but close.    $ 40

Heath HD-15 phone patch.  Separate control of transmit and
receive audio, with nice VU meter.  Will work with high or low
impedance mic input.  Manual included for $25

Heath IP-27 low voltage power supply. It is fully adjustable
from about 0.5 Volts to 50 Volts, and has current limiting that
is built in and adjustable from a couple ma up to 1.5 amps.
There is also a nice large meter for measuring current or
voltage. The supply is "floating", so can be used for
either plus or minus supplies. It is the "Heath Brown"
color. Manual included. $100

I also have the following Heath manuals available. All are
originals, and are in good condition.

IO-103 Five inch scope $ 12

GR-2000 TV Set $ 12
GR-2050 TV Set - Five book set $ 18
GRA-2000-1 TV Clock $ 3
GRA-601 TV Clock $ 6

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.

E-mail to W8EK at fdt.net



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
E-Mail to W8EK at fdt.net
Voice Phone  (352)  732-8400

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