Collins Alert!

Jeffrey Herman jeffreyh at HAWAII.EDU
Wed Dec 1 02:43:14 EST 1999

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>  A good Friend of mine has a Collins rx that his dad gave him in 1964. It was
>recently sent in for repair to a very well known individual (in Collins
>circles) from PA. It was returned repaired without a very expensive and rare
>Collins crystal CW filter. Needless to say, he is heartbroken. I dont know much
>about Collins gear and I dont want to point fingers but I just want to make
>those of you with Collins gear aware of this in the event that you do need
>   This filter just doesnt "fall out" and since it is worth in the "100's of
>dollars" range its a highly prized item.  Its a shame when one man fuels his
>love of Collins gear by scamming parts out of someone rx that was entrusted to
>them for repair.
>  A warning to those with high value radios, both sentimental and rare, make
>sure you remove all of the "Loose filters" and rare articles from your rigs
>before sending them in for repair. Especially if you trust your beloved radio
>to a fellow enthusiast. With some of these characters, filters are more
>important than their reputations or respect of fellow hams...  Tnx  Richy

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