Collins Alert!

Richard E. Robinson rerobins at EMAIL.UNCC.EDU
Wed Dec 1 08:59:25 EST 1999

Jeffrey Herman writes;

>>  A good Friend of mine has a Collins rx that his dad gave him in 1964.
>>It was
>>recently sent in for repair to a very well known individual (in Collins
>>circles) from PA.

I've seen a 75A4 that this same person in PA "restored".  The owner spent
quite a bit of money for the work which included touching up the front
panel.  The paint job was butchery to say the least and the electrical
"restoration" was also questionable.  The most positive aspect of the
"restoration" was a spotless chassis.

Everyone who's ever been in the repair business knows that sometimes
mistakes are made. The one piece of work I've seen from this fellow in PA
appears to go far beyond simple mistakes.  For the money this ham was
charged, he should've had first class service.  I don't know the final
outcome of this particular issue, but there was an attempt to obtain a
refund.  The botched touch up of the front panel ruined the value of the
receiver.  Anyone who thinks they can touch up the paint on a 45 year old
Collins 75A4 and not have it noticeable has to be a half bubble off.  After
hearing of the missing filter, my friend is lucky he got the vernier
spinner knob back with his 75A4.

This is not the only person in the ham gear repair business that I've heard
of removing or switching valuable components.


Rick kf4ar

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