FREE Heath chassis.... (+ freight) dave at BOATANCHORS.COM
Wed Dec 1 14:01:14 EST 1999

Hello all,

In my junk, I have found what appears to be a long ago
scavenged DX-100 or DX-100B chassis.  There is
not much on it - about 7 miniature tube sockets, the
filter caps (!), and a bunch of the little components that
reside under the chassis.  Also has a chassis pot and
a couple of little coils.  The copper is grimey but could
be cleaned up.  NO good parts left, tho.  No cabinet,
no big stuff.  Just a chassis, really.

I am packing for a move, so it goes in the landfill if no
one wants it.  It will weigh about 20 pounds boxed and
will ship from 98408 if you want to figure shipping.  Or
can be picked up in the Seattle area of Washington.

First one to say they want it gets it!  I know it's not much,
but it IS Heath and I HATE to throw it out.  Hoping someone
can maybe use it for something.

Take care all,


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