Free copies of mods for C-line

Lane Zeitler Ku7i at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Wed Dec 1 23:38:34 EST 1999

First of all, I only have eight copies of these articles. If you do NOT
actually own the gear that the articles are related to then pls do not ask
for a copy. Once these are gone I will not be making any more for a while.

1. New audio amplifier for the Drake R4-C. Author is Rob Sherwood. HR
magazine. Date is April 1979. Talks abt using the LM383T as a replacement
audio amp. Two pages with schematic. Great article.Get rid of that buzz and
hiss once and for all.

2. Improved tuning of T4X xmtrs on 160 meters. Author is W1IBI and W1HZH.
Dated jan 1979. HR Mag. One page. With scat. Good info on improving the
tuning of the T4XB and XC xmtrs on 160.

3. Improving the Drake R4C product detector. Author is Bernard White W3CVS.
Dated March 1980. HR Mag. Replaces the stock 1N270 diodes with Hewlett
Packard HP5082/2800 hot carier diodes. Great article. With scat. Reduces the
hiss in the audio even more.

I have eight copies of each of these articles. The copies are very very
good. I will give these away to actual owners of the mentioned gear who
think that they might want to do the mods. Send me your full name and
complete mailing address and I will drop them in the mail this week. No

I might be going back to the main library over the xmas break. There were
many many more articles on Drake mods but the library was getting ready to
close and afterall, I went there to get info on my Old Testament class. Come
to think of it, then why the heck am I looking in the old HR magazines? BTW
found a killer article on an Umbrella ant for the lowbands covering 160 and
up. Anyway, I will report what I have copies at a later date. My intent is
to get all of the Drake info I can from the HR mag and keep master copies on
file. HR Mag. What a great pub that was. RIP.



Lane Zeitler
2262 Barney St
San Diego CA 92139

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