Dee Almquist soundnmind at RICA.NET
Fri Dec 3 13:05:22 EST 1999

Hello Fellow AM'rs
Have a Ranger-1 refurbed panel & cab set that I was using as demo for sale /
EXCHANGE. Was shown this summer @ hamfests, all were impressed how they
turned out. I'm making a special price on this set because of 2 main
    1. I had to fix 1/2" hole in panel (you have to look look real close in
the light to see where it was done). Note: nobody that looked at the panels
@ hamfests noticed that there was a hole!
    2. The cab back apron that has had the 2 rectangle openings (the ones w
/ screw holes around) has been opened up to just 1 long opening. Creates no
problem in overall looks or RF sealing. Why someone cut It out I have no
The overall looks of this set including bezel & crystal knob is BETTER than
new. Total special price $200. (exchange) + shipping

I now have a Valiant-1 cab, bezel, panel, & crystal knob ready for trade for
your shabby one. These are NICE!
Cost you $285. + shipping
These sets are done in NEW TECHOLOGY finishes (VERY ESPENSIVE MATERIALS),
not run of the mill enamels. If you are interested in details of what goes
into comeing up w / the price, ask me. I would be glad to give a breakdown.

If you want to see som pics, visit my home page.

Dee, W4PNT

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