Need info on charging deep cycle battery

Jim Berry basalop at GTE.NET
Fri Dec 3 03:03:04 EST 1999

Hello Lane and Group,

There are devices out there for just keeping a setting battery up.  I
have one on my emergency radio battery.  It is called a float
charger.  It consist of just a wall wart, tiny module about half the
size of an old zippo lighter, and the two clamps that connect to the
battery.  I am not where I can give you all the details, but you can
dig the info out by visiting the Harbor Freight Website.  I believe
you might even be able to download the instructions.  Now, this
device, or any other kind of "float charger" is NOT a battery
charger.  They put out just enough current to keep your battery from
slowly discharging from just setting.

I understand there are regular battery chargers available now that
can also do the so called float charging after the battery has been

73 Jim K7SLI

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