FS: Drake Gear

Will White kd7bfx at MINDSPRING.COM
Tue Dec 7 14:16:00 EST 1999

TR-4 in good condition, older tuning knob style w/o NB, very nice
faceplate, case could use a respray but looks OK as is, chassis has
typical light corrosion. RX working FB, TX untested. Also includes a
tattered, though perfectly legible original manual. $200 obo + shipping

R-4B (with MS-4) in very nice shape. Great face, minimal
corrosion, working FB on all bands, several extra crystals for 9, 15,
28, and 1.5 MHz.Includes original manual complete and in good shape.
$225 obo + shipping

Reply by email please. Thanks for looking.


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