Henry 2001 2KW HF amp $875.00

Lane Zeitler Ku7i at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Tue Dec 7 16:33:50 EST 1999

For sale: Henry 2001 2000 watt input 3.5mhz to 30 mhz amplifier. Runs a pair
of 3CX400(8874) tubes. Nominal output is 1200 watts. Covers the following
bands with seperate band switch positions for optimum output:
 80, 75, 40 cw, 40 phone, 20, 15, and  10 meters. Uses a ceramic form roller
inductor in the output network. I have never tried to load it on the WARC
bands so I do not know if it will work there or not. Tubes use forced air
cooling. Duty cycle is 100% ssb or cw, 50% key down. Can be used on 240 or
120 but it really performs great on 240vac. Draws up to 15 amps on peaks at
240 vac. maximum drive is 75 watts. 2kw input on ssb and 1kw on cw. Tuned
input. Multimeter measures plate current, grid current, plate voltage, and
exciter input power. Approximately 7" tall by 14" wide by 14" deep. Weighs
41 pounds but shipping weight is approx. 50 pounds. Typical outputs are 650
watts cw with 25 watts of drive with 550mA on the plates at 40mA of grid
current.  Or, 1200 watts out with 75 watts of drive with 900mA on the plates
and Ig at about 50mA. This amp also comes with a spare Eimac 8874. The tubes
that are in the amp have very low air time and they are like brand new in
emission. This is a rugged amp built like a tank. This is actually better
built than the older 2 hole Alphas of the 70s and 80s.

 Front panel cosmetics are abt a 9/10 and the overall cabinet is abt an

 Will double box amp and tubes seperate and ship only via UPS ground. price
is $875 plus UPS charges on 50 pounds from San Diego 92139.



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