Viking I / 829B help please

Mon Dec 13 18:55:40 EST 1999

     Well, I got the Viking I with the 829B mod going... but
still need info on the mod - in particular, what should the bias
be on the thing?

     In the Vikings this is set using a tap off a fixed resistor,
adjusting until the correct "resting" plate current is achieved.
I do not think this was done on this one when the change from the
4D32 to the 829B was made: the resting current seems fairly high
to me, particularly comparing similar thing on my Viking II.

     Any help appreciated - what current should I be looking for
on the 829B (resting current) - what should the bias be?


     73,  Al  N5AIT
  modsteph at

    ...then I can get back to the Signal Shifter puzzle....

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