WD-40 and CRC 2-26 cleaners

charles w. morehouse cwmorehouse at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Tue Dec 14 04:04:56 EST 1999

Fellow Keepers,
Go ahead and laugh. Reminds me of the geologist who was almost laughed
out of his profession because he proposed the tectonic platelet theory.
And oh yes the earth is really flat. Discovered the chemicals from a
friend who worked for Ma Bell for years. They aren't stupid folks. Have
been using these for years in my restorations with no problems
or reoccurrence.
0...Have three RF remotes for my X-10 system with board mounted snap
    switches. After about about 6 months they became intermittent
and        wouldn't make contact no matter how hard you pushed.
0...Cleaned them first with 200 proof alcohol, then with tuner
cleaner       then with your precious deoxit. In a few weeks back to
0...Sprayed them with WD-40 once and they all still work fine and that
    was 4.5 years ago.
So folks don't knock it out of ignorance until you try it. Go ahead and
spend $9.00 for fancy snake oil spray when you can get the same results
from a product that probably came out of the same tank. I would not want
to have dinner at the turkeys house who uses WD-40 to baste his turkey.
Use what you want but don't debunk a fellow who has another idea that
may be of use to you.. Luck to all, happy holidays, and 73.

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