Alpha 374 (3) 8874s HF amp

Lane Zeitler Ku7i at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Wed Dec 15 18:44:11 EST 1999

This is the older 3 hole (stock, not a conversion) Alpha 374. Runs three
8874/3CX400A7 tubes. 80 to 10 meters in manual tune or bandpass/no tune
mode. All three tubes are Eimac and in like new condx. With 50 watts of
drive I get 1050-1100 out on all bands with the plate current at about 750
mA. Each tube is rated at 350mA of plate current keydown. Have not ever used
it on 12 meters. Front panel is very nice and cabinet is very good also. If
you want an amp that will run a full kilowatt out 24/7 this is the one.

 Price is $1050 with buyer paying shipping on 60 pounds from San Diego
92139. Will double box the amp and the tubes and ship seperately. With

 Will consider a trade + cash on a smaller amp (possibly).


San Diego

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