Screen saver offer

Thu Dec 16 13:28:53 EST 1999

Hi guys!

In the last couple months I've built up some free screen savers for the
Collins list.  They are kinda' cool and fun to create.  I'd like to offer
the same to the BA and Heath lists...kinda' like a holiday gift from the
City of Tempe and me.

This is all free of course, but I rely on you folks to get me the images.  I
need as many images as possible of the gear you big and clear as
you can make them.  Just attach them to an email to me and in a week or so
I'll go through them and pick out the best ones I can and build up a
saver...maybe one for BA and one for Heath depending on what I get.  The end
result is kinda' fun.  They only work on Windows 95, 98, and NT...sorry Mac
fans.  You can download and use the ones for Collins if you'd like and just
see what they are like at:


These can give you an idea of what can be done.

So, dust off those digital cameras or scanners and get some shots to me and
if I get enough you'll have a nice screen saver to....savor?  No strings and
no profit made by anyone here...just fun.  Oh, and we can only use pictures
that are yours.  We can't slip any of those cool pictures from the CQ
calendar in it...sorry, copyright laws.

73 and everyone have a safe and happy holiday season.


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