Swan 1500Z HF amp $425 shipped

Lane Zeitler Ku7i at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Thu Dec 16 23:35:16 EST 1999

 Swan model 1500Z HF amp. Covers 80 to 10 including 17 and 12 at full
output. Tuned input also works very well on 17 and 12 (low Q design). Front
panel metering for plate voltage, plate current, or relative power output.
Front panel operate/bypass switch. With 70 watts of drive will deliver 700
watts out with about 600mA of plate current and the plate voltage at abt
1800 under full load. idle plate voltage is 2150vdc. Swan designed this to
run a lower plate voltage than we usually see in 572B amps. Uses American
tubes that are 100% full emission. Amp is 100% operational in all respects
and you will like the way it is built. Comes with copy of manual.

 $425 shipped lower 48.

San Diego

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