RCL Bridge

Fred E Holnagel w7prv at JUNO.COM
Fri Dec 17 18:27:27 EST 1999

With all this talk about forming electolytics and measuring leakage etc,
someone buy my Military Model ZM-11/U Bridge, also known as the
CloughBrengle CB-712. Highest quality in the class of H.P. or
Techtronics. About 12" square with eye tube indicator. Will measure paper
and mica caps leakage down to .05 microamps (10,000meg.), electrolytic
leakage stepped 0-25ma/05ma/0-1ma. Tests caps in circuit with a 10.4mhz.
osc., tests transformer turn ratio and RCL values.  Is in very excellant
condition and appearance.  Like new.  Transit case is missing cover.
Manuals available, I have none. $60 plus shipping.

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