Screen Saver

Fri Dec 17 23:14:20 EST 1999

Hi again gang,

Well, thanks to Microsoft my e-mail program crashed today taking with it all
of the images that so many sent for the screen saver I'm building for the
group.  I'm taking extra steps to save them on a backup this time, but if
you had sent me a picture, please re-send it ASAP.  Thanks.

And, as a reminder, the pictures can be of any kind of BA...Heath, Drake, or
anything.  If I get enough of any one kind of radio I'll make a special
saver for that kind by itself.  Also, the photos can be of a radio by
itself, or a shack shot with a lot of radios in it.  As large a photo as
possible is important too.

Thanks...and if you got'm, send'm!



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