Tempe lists virus alert...

Sat Dec 18 23:34:20 EST 1999

Greetings gang,

Myself and at least one other person has gotten a message from an unknown
source that contained what looked like a copy of the bboy.exe (Bubble Boy)
virus.  We didn't open it to find out of course, and that's exactly what you
have to do if you get one...not open it.

The lists are all set to limit messages to 150 lines or less, so it's really
hard to pass attachments or even large messages, so we should be pretty
safe.  The strange thing is, the messages came with a subject line of a
message that was recently posted by the two of us who got the virus
messages.  The message didn't come through the list, but was made to look
like it did.  So, it's either a subscriber or someone looking at the
messages in the archives.

In any event, the sky is not falling, but something strange is up.  So,
watch your messages and as always, don't open an attachment unless you know
who sent it for sure.  Or, do like I do, delete it just to be safe.


List Admin

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