Misc. wanted/ Misc for trade for same.

J. Douglas Hensley nfmk at JUNO.COM
Sun Dec 19 00:39:49 EST 1999

Merry Christmas everyone,

I am looking for the following if anyone has one available:

RAS-4 (or in the series) speaker (rack mt)
RAS-4 (or in the series) table top frame (about 30" high)
(must have RAS equipment tags and be in good condx or else
 more or less looking for good home).

TU-26 tuning unit covering 160m or any other
rack mount antenna coupler covering 160 meters.

10" round, high Q speaker, Jensen or equiv.  Prefer 4 ohms.

AN/FRT-4 transmitter.  If for sale, must be immaculate, if free,
must be within 2000 miles of Gulf Coast.

WInged emblem Collins rack cabinet, 7 foot; relay or closed type.

Collins model 26-W audio limiter or 212-G mixer.

HV Power supply for the Chippewa (Heath KL-1).  This is a
doghouse supply (outboard slave).

Have the following to work with in trade towards one or more
of these items:

Scott RCH, original with original manual, cabinet, shock mount
(receiver, anti-radiation type)

Hammarlund HQ-140X, cabinet, not bad at all, two of the small
knobs are not original.

National NC-300 with matching speaker having VHF converters

National NC-180 with matching speaker

R-1051-B, powers up but does not receive.  I understand the KHZ
module is out of sync.  Out of my skill range.

R-390-A, powers up; received signals until ballast went out (I
made the mistake of wiggling it during a tube check :-(.

Drake 4 line pieces

Heath SB-200, almost like new.

Plenty model 28 KSR's

etc. etc.



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