[Info wanted: regarding Russian ham equipment please...]

Brian Carling af4k at EARTHLINK.NET
Wed Dec 29 14:59:27 EST 1999


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On 29 Dec 99, at 7:04, Ron Weaver wrote:

> Larry and the groups. I travel to Russia four times each year for business and
> have found lots of old gear available at reasonable prices assuming you have the
> cash to pay Aeroflot for the over weight limit because they are truly
> BoatAnchors.
> Best place to start your quest is with Tony UT7CT who runs a Russian
> BoatAnchor web site and restoration business that will even ship direct to
> your door in the USA.
>  Tony can be reached at tony at uch.net and his web site is www.qsl.net/ut7ct
> Next stop should be with Andy UA3AB who because of his position as President of
> the Russian equivelent to the ARRL has contacts for equipment throuhout the CIS.
>  Andy can be reached at UA3AB at dateline.com in Moscow.
> Even during the darkest days of the old system they all had an Icom, Kenwood or
> Yaesu transceiver which some visiting ham would bring in for them, it was not as
> pictured with a poor cold ham hunched over a three tube home brew rig in the
> middle of the night wearing gloves pounding the brass on 20 CW.
> If your friend wants up to date information, weather pictures, exchange rates
> and news I suggest   www.kremlinkam.com  which is a web cam on top of my Moscow
> office or Russiantoday.com  in english.
> Enjoy the trip.
> Ron W6OM / RW3OM
> "KQ6XY" <kq6xy at goldrush.com> wrote:
> A friend of mine is  traveling to Russia next week and has asked me if I
> would like him to purchase
> any Russian ham equipment for me.  Since I am not aquainted with any, I was
> wondering if any of you are familiar with any Russian gear that I might
> consider.
> I know that this post is somewhat off-topic, but I didn' think that I would
> offend anyone, and in fact, we might all learn a little about Russian Ham
> equipment.
> 73,
> --Larry

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