Info wanted: regarding Russian ham equipment please...

Brian Carling af4k at EARTHLINK.NET
Wed Dec 29 14:44:31 EST 1999

Dear Larry and Meir,

On 28 Dec 99, at 23:24, KQ6XY wrote:

> A friend of mine is  traveling to Russia next week and has asked me if I
> would like him to purchase
> any Russian ham equipment for me.  Since I am not aquainted with any, I was
> wondering if any of you are familiar with any Russian gear that I might
> consider.
> I know that this post is somewhat off-topic, but I didn' think that I would
> offend anyone, and in fact, we might all learn a little about Russian Ham
> equipment.
> 73,
> --Larry

What would be BETTER STILL, would be if anyone can give us names,
addresses and phone numbers of ANY surplus electronics stores in the
former Soviet Bloc countries.

These could be added to the growing list of sources posted at -


This list includes a few places outside the USA already and I would love to
add more!!

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