FS: 450V and 600V electrolytics, cheap!

Brian Carling af4k at EARTHLINK.NET
Wed Dec 29 14:00:40 EST 1999

FOR SALE: Thirteen 450-600V CAPACITORS etc.

I have to unload some nice new multi-section H.V.
electrolytic caps etc.
I need room! I bought the following capacitors that are
surplus to my needs.
They are new and in the boxes. Will sell them cheap
because I need some space here!

Someone please take the whole box of them for only

(They are worth about $6 to $8 each but no one wanted
them for that. A couple of guys said they would buy
them and never sent the money!)

Here's what I have:

20 uF at 450V DC, plus 50 uF at 250V DC, 3.5"X 1.3"
(QTY 6)

80 uF at 450V DC, plus 10 uF at 400V DC, plus 40 uF at
300V DC, plus 30 uF at 300V DC
all in one can! 3.5"X 1.3" (QTY 3)

8/475, 8/475, 10/50 (in one can)

TYPE FP: (smaller)(used)
15 uF/400V, 10/350, 20/150 (all in one can) (QTY 1)

Used Cornell Dubilier 80 uF plus 80 uF at 300 V DC (QTY

Used Cornell Dubilier 8 uF at 600 V DC (QTY 1)

Someone please take all 13 of them for just $25.00
plus shipping!

I think this price is extremely low. You can't get many
450V or 600V
electrolytic can caps like this any more. The ripple
current rating is much
better than those cheap photoflash capacitors you will
see in the catalogs.

I just want to unload them. If you think that is still
too high, make me an offer!

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