Looking for TCK or HB rig /Mackay/ Radiomarine/ 813 pair transmitter

Jim Berry basalop at GTE.NET
Wed Dec 29 18:39:10 EST 1999

Hello Everyone,

This has practically turned into an annual event for me.  For years I
have been trying to locate a US Navy TCK transmitter.  Were quite
common in the 60's and 70's, now, unobtainable for me.

Here is my story in short:  I am a CW OP.  I really do not care that
much about any kind of phone operation.  So I am looking for a CW
transmitter that puts out 400 to 600 watts.  Prefer one that uses a
pair of 813's.

If I am unable to find a TCK, then an old ship board Mackay or
Radiomarine transmitter would be wonderful.  If no luck there, you
guys keep your eyes peeled for any old transmitter deck that uses a
pair of 813's.   I also have all the stuff need for a power supply.


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