larry grindel L_GRINDEL at EMAIL.MSN.COM
Wed Dec 29 18:53:56 EST 1999

Hi Guys!
Wondering if anyone could offer some advise on a transmit problem on a
Hallicrafters SR-150. The unit recieves on all bands fine, it also transmits
on all bands with good audio, however the power becomes less as I transmit
on higher freqs. I can get over 100 watts out on 80m., but only about 40 on
20m. When I try on 10m., I only see about 5 watts. The finals are new, and
check good. Same for driver. I am a relatively new ham, but am trying to
become technically literate, and troubleshoot my own rigs. If anyone has any
ideas, I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
Larry Grindel  KD5ECG
kd5ecg at arrl.net

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