Heathkit "SB" Parts Available...

Edward Swynar VE3CUI gswynar at DURHAM.NET
Thu Dec 30 20:37:48 EST 1999

 Have the following HEATH items available for immediate possession:

 -Heathkit SB-102 HETERODYNE BAND-TO-BAND CRYSTAL SET (still attached to pc
board)---$32.00 U.S. (shipping extra);

 -Heathkit SB-300 HETERODYNE BAND-TO-BAND CRYSTAL SET (loose)---$35.00 U.S.
(shipping extra);

 -Heathkit SB-102 6CL6 DRIVER COIL BOARDS (specify)---$15.00 ea. (shipping

 -Heathkit "SB" style ENCLOSURE---$25.00 U.S. (shipping extra);

 -Heathkit SB-301 MANUAL---$15.00 U.S. (shipping extra);

 -Heathkit SB-401 MANUAL---$15.00 U.S. (shipping extra);

 -Heathkit SB-300 / SB-401 FRONT PANELS---$12.00 U.S. ea. (shipping extra);

 -Heathkit SB-400 / SB-401 PANEL METER---$12.00 U.S. (shipping extra);

 -Heathkit SB-300 LMO---$23.00 U.S. (shipping extra);

 -Heathkit SB-401 LMO---$25.00 U.S. (shipping extra).

 Lotsa other "SB" type parts/boards/details.etc./etc. available---please
 inquire!...and don't be afraid to make an offer(s)! Thank-you...

 ~73~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ

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