FS or Trade: Twenty-one Heathkit Lunchboxes

Gary Harmon gharmon at IDWORLD.NET
Fri Dec 31 00:29:39 EST 1999

Why does one person need 21 extra Lunchboxes, my sweet XYL asks?  Spare
parts,  I sheepishly reply.  NOT, says she.  Further she says, either the
Lunchboxes or the SX-88 go."  Easy choice.  I have 21 Heathkit Lunchboxes
for sale or trade.  I have examined each unit to the best of my ability and
listed the descriptions below.  Obviously I could make more selling the
better ones and then selling the rest for parts, but I would prefer to sell
as a package mainly because it gets them out of the garage at the same time
which improves credibility with She Who Must Be Obeyed.

01. CB-1 (SO-239; xtal socket on rear; hole on front; volume control
replaced; 1 small knob missing; no xtal; tubes light)
02. CB-1 (SO-239; xtal socket on front; no handle; extra holes in top; no
xtal; audio static)
03. CB-1 (SO-239; no handle; hole on top; different mike connector; 3 holes
on front; no emblem; no meter jack; no xtal; needs 6AQ5 for audio static)

04.  HW-29/Sixer (SO-239; xtal socket and extra control/knob on front; no
xtal; audio static)
05. HW-29/Sixer (SO-239; xtal socket and extra mike socket on front; extra
chassis w/tube inside; no xtal; feedback)
06. HW-29/Sixer (SO-239; 2 holes on top; xtal socket holes on front; center
of large knob missing; no xtal; audio static)
07. HW-29/Sixer (SO-239; one small knob wrong; emblem missing; mike
connector replaced with phone jack; extra mike socket on front; extra holes
on back; extra chassis w/tube inside;
no xtal; feedback)
08.  HW-29A/Sixer (Spotting switch on front; xtal; audio static)
09.  HW-29A/Sixer (SO-239; xtal socket on front; no xtal; audio static)
10. HW-29A/Sixer (SO-239; xtal; audio static)
11.  HW-30/Twoer (SO-239; xtal; audio static)
12.  HW-30/Twoer (Xtal; tubes light)
13.  HW-30/Twoer (Two holes in top; xtal; audio static)
14.  HW-30/Twoer (Xtal; hum)
15.  HW-30/Twoer (Xtal; hum)
16. HW-30/Twoer (SO-239; xtal socket on front; large mike connector;
Trans-Rec-Trans switch replaced with toggle; wrong knobs; large relay and
rectifier inside, hole in top; xtal; hum)
no xtal; tubes do not light)
17. HW-30/Twoer (BNC; S-meter; xtal socket on front; 2 small knobs wrong;
wrong handle; xtal; hum)
18. HW-30/Twoer (Xtal socket on front; pin connector on top; no xtal; tubes
19. HW-30/Twoer (Xtal; audio static)
20. HW-30/Twoer (Xtal; audio static)

21. Unknown (SO-239; no handle; no xtal; no meter jack; model and name
removed; hum)

Note:  None of these units have been serviced or cleaned.  There may be
other internal mods which I did not notice.  Most of these came without
microphones or power cables but I do have one extra mike and one extra power
cable.  Manual copies available for each model.

$21.50 each gets you the whole grouping.  That's $451.50 plus shipping.  For
further information or pictures please email me directly.

Thanks and 73,

Gary H. Harmon, Jr. - K5JWK
6302 Robin Forest
San Antonio, TX 78239
(210) 657-1549
gharmon at idworld.net

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