WTB: CW Filter for Heatkit HW-101

Rob Dunn dunnr at IX.NETCOM.COM
Fri Dec 31 20:15:58 EST 1999

I know its a longshot but I am looking for the optional CW crystal filter
for the Heatkit HW-101 80-10m transceiver.  Today I crossed the threshold to
commit myself to getting my ticket.  Went down to Radio World in Boulder
City, NV today looking to purchase one of the MFJ code tutors and a couple
of tubes for a receiver.  Instead an old Heathkit HW-101 transceiver was
calling my name and Dave, the owner, made it too easy for me to answer its
call.  Since my primary interest is CW DX I would really like to install the
CW crystal filter that was an option while I am going through the
restoration.  Does anybody have a parts rig that still has the CW filter
available.  The catalog number I have seen was "SBA-301-2, 400 Hz CW Crystal
Filter"  so I am guessing that this is same CW filter as used in the SB-300
series of receivers as well.  It has a 2k ohm impedance and a 400 Hz


Rob Dunn


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