Hallicrafters S-38E

Al Waschka awaschka at PALMNET.NET
Fri Dec 31 20:39:44 EST 1999

Just acquired my third S-38E.  Had the first between 1959 and 1961.
Worked a lot of stations as KN5TAN and DX as K5TAN, mostly on 40 CW.
Had the second a few years ago, but got rid of it when I couldn't get
the BFO to work.  I'm reestablishing my old Novice rig with my original
Globe Chief 90A.

I saw a post here a few months ago asking for literature on the S-38E
which turned out to be an S-38D.  If the poster received any S-38E
literature he is willing to part with, please let me know.  Anyone with
any literature they are willing to part with, please let me know.
Especially looking for schematic and alignment instructions.  The BFO on
this one ain't too great!  But it looks fantastic.  Under a thick film
of dust, mold and mildew was an absolutely sparkling chassis with no
rust.  Inspector's stamps still visible.  Unit is marked "Mark I" like
they knew they were going to make later versions.  This one does not
have the BFO injection control on the rear panel, as I'm told some did.

And, to dispel a rumor that I believed myself, one side of the AC line
IS NOT connected to the chassis.  The AC line measures 300K to the
chassis.  Now there may be a capacitor in there somewhere, but there is
definitley no direct connection as I have seen posted here and believed
myself, for years.

Thanks for the bandwidth, and if anyone has any literature they'd be
willing to part with originals or a copy, please let me know.

Thanks and Happy Y2K.  My computer is still working, wonder about



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