Maritime Morse

Tue Feb 2 17:41:44 EST 1999


     I have seen several good messages on the decline and demise
of Morse As We Know It (and was myself ship radio officer, merchant
marine, "once upon a time...").  Some stuff I forwarded to my
older brother (who also had done time pounding brass on shipboard)
and got an interesting response, which at least CAN apply to
survival of CW on the ham bands - and an incentive for the next
generation to come on board with CW:  at some point it becomes
a "Secret Code," and only those in the know can decipher it.

     I now teach, and sponsor a school radio club (HQ-170 and Ranger -
my own - as equipment) KF4LWA.  I am certainly going to try the
"secret code" approach - I think it will go well, particularly
with the junior-high age kids.  We'll see....

     And of course remember to get on "CX" this coming Sunday!

     73,  Al  N5AIT

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