Anyone ever heard of a GOLD EV664?

Dave Ellison zommbee at IX.NETCOM.COM
Sat Feb 6 21:23:43 EST 1999

Hello all,

In going through my 'junk' (loving term, of course) I came across
an old EV 664, s/n 128280, that seems nice and just like any
other 664 except it is GOLD!  At first I thought the lighting was
wrong, but sure enough, this thing is gold!  I must assume it is
just anodizing - it couldn't possibly be gold plated, could it?  It
appears to be a factory job, whatever it is.  It's wearing a little
thin on the parts human hands would have handled over many
years, but is still overall very very nice.  I got it years ago in a box
of junk (!!) being tossed out by a local VFW hall during a remodel,
and brought it home but never looked at it.

Has anyone ever heard of this model?

Thanks for any help in ID'ing this unique 664.

Tacoma, WA

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