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Tue Feb 9 16:51:34 EST 1999

Hi Tempe list users....

Since we have a large number of people who join our lists daily every once
in a while I'd like to post some do's and don'ts to the list.  Most of you
old timers might want to scan this too just as a refresher.  I hate rules,
but when more than one person is involved, it's something that we have to
have.  Please follow these and the lists will run smooth.


Post messages that are on the topic of the list.  That's the audience and
the only thing they want to hear.

Post messages that are to the point...although stories can be of interest long as they are on topic.

Delete most or all of the message you are replying to if you have it
included in your reply.  Leave in only the part you are commenting on.

Post only replies that you think are of interest to the group otherwise
reply personally to the original poster.  Our lists default to this so you
have to WORK to post a reply to the list.

DO NOT!!...........

Don't post messages that are off topic.  That includes VIRUS WARNINGS,
jokes, and test messages

Don't include graphics in your messages!  You can include a LINK to a web
page that has the image only.

Don't post personal replies to the list like "Yeah Joe, I agree".  We don't

If you start a message with "This is off topic but..." then delete it now or
700+ of us will have to later.

Don't say harmful things about other people.  The list is their peers and a
post like that will start the chest beating and everyone publicly defending
each other or one another.  None of which is on topic.  Go to 80 meters
where this stuff belongs! (I'm still not old enough to use 80 meters, so at
least I don't have to hear it.)


For Sale Policy:

The policy of the Tempe lists is to allow postings of items for sale one
time only.  This means postings of e-bay or anything else should only be
posted once.

If you have multiple items to sell, post them all in the SAME message, and
NOT in multiple messages.

Do NOT post that something has sold after you have posted it.  You deleting
20 requests is far easier than 700 people having to delete yet another
useless message.  Everyone is happy you sold it.

And....enjoy...73 from AI7R

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