CE-100V transmitter

Thu Feb 18 07:16:50 EST 1999


After some customs troubles :-( I am the proud owner of a Central
Electronics CE-100V transmitter :-) (thanks, Sindre!)

My CE-100V serial number is E-341. I have been doing some searching in the
old News messages (by DejaNews) and also in Altavista, Yahoo, ... but I
couldn't find too much information about this model. I wonder if there is
data about how many of them were made and the meaning of serial numbers (as
a sample, what does 'E' mean?).

This CE-100V is in very good condition, just needing of some internal
cleaning (40 years is lots of time!). It worked before it was shipped so I
hope it will work when I have the chance to check it. Unfortunately, I have
it in a temporary storage location (here at work in the Radio Museum; at
least it is close :-) ), as I am working in my new house which will have a
large enough radio shack to put it in. So I won't be able to put it on the
air in some months...

As a curiosity, my unit came with TWO original manuals, both same date
(1959), but only one had the big schematic.

I plan to match it with one of my 19" receivers: R-390A, R-388, SP-600,
RA-117,  ... What do you think of this wedding?. I would love also to hear
from CE-100V users; how does it compare to, let's say, a Collins 32S-1/3 or
a Drake T-4XB/C?. I think that 26 tubes should make a nice transmitter ;-) !

Thanks for your help and best regards.

  73 EB5AGV / EC5AAU
     Ausias March 46, 15
     46910 Benetusser - VALENCIA

** VISIT MY VINTAGE RADIO SITE - updated 17-January-1999 ***
  e-mail: eb5agv at ctv.es & eb5agv at amsat.org

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