Fwd: Electronic Service Pros. D-104

Bob Peters soundimp at POBOX.COM
Sun Jan 3 14:35:06 EST 1999

Hi  All...I  read  an  Article  in  Pop Com  this  month  with  great
interest  as  we  all  in  the  BA  Area are trying  to  get  that broadcast
Quality...  I  talked  with  Greg  for  about  an  hour  after  hearing  what
he  has  done  with  the  D104  and  like  what  I  hear...  I  am  going  to
try  it  on  one  of  my  G Stands  that  has  an  amp  in  it...  I  told
greg  that  most  all  of  us  pull  the  amps  and  throw  them...  I  think
that  he  would  probibley go  into  spasums  if  you  do...  Listen  to  his
demo  that  is  on  his  web  site...  Very  Impressive...  10meter  am  would
sound  great  if  we  all  had  that  audio...

I  must  say  right  up  front  that  I  have  no  $$$  in  his  company  and
do   not  sell  his  products...Talk  to  Greg  direct  if  you  are

73's   Bob  K1JNN

>> From: "Greg Weremey" <gmweremey at capecod.net>
>> To: <k1jnn at pobox.com>
>> Subject: Electronic Service Pros.  D-104
>> Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 10:13:32 -0500
>> X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 4.72.3110.5
>> Electronic Service Pros. D-104 Hi Bob,
>> Sorry that you had trouble viewing my web site.
>> I checked the URL as posted in PopCom, and it appears correct.
>> You can try these direct links.
>> <http://www.capecod.net/~gweremey>www.capecod.net/~gweremey  My home page
>> <http://www.angelfire.com/ma/electroservepro>www.angelfire.com/ma/electros
>> ervepro  The ESP page
>> I'll call your voice mail and play the sound files for you.
>> Hopefully, you'll get a hint of the difference over the phone.

>> Greg Weremey - Electronic Service Pros.

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