More "CX" corrections...Argh!

Sun Jan 24 20:01:31 EST 1999


     Along with the correction I sent out on QST's typo, I noticed
my own:

     In the announcement of CX I sent out on e-mail a week or so ago,
I had the times wrong  - listed as 1900 to 0400 UTC.  Wrong ones!!
Was still making allowances for Daylight Savings time.  These times
are also the ones listed in the printed announcement I just mailed
out with the CX Newsletter...    *bonk* Duh!

     Official time ("CQ" got it right):

     2000 UTC Feb 7 to 0500 UTC Feb 8, 1999

     OR: 3 PM to midnight, Eastern Standard Time; noon to 9 PM Pacific
Standard.  HOWEVER that works out wherever you are!

     And if you happen to operate the other, we'll count it anyway
(executive decision to help cover executive stupidity).

     BUT - either way, get those rigs ready!  CX is STILL about
and operating the great - or at least interesting - rigs from another

     And if you missed the official announcement, let me know and I'll
send you (a corrected) one!

     Sorry about that - and CU in CX!

     73,  Al  N5AIT
   modsteph at

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