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DavidC davidc at BIT-NET.COM
Tue Jan 26 17:49:12 EST 1999

> I very much like the idea of hams stepping-up to the plate
> to volunteer time to monitor these freqs.  It might even
> be possible to get special permission to contact these
> craft on these freqs in cases of maritime emergencies.
> It would certainly fit within the framework of amateur
> radio being a public service and promoter of international
> good will.
> With a stricture against handling commmercial traffic,
> the commercial shore stations couldn't complain
> since you're not hurting their business.  I don't see how
> any reasonable person could be against this--
> but then, the Washington dragons are rarely "reasonable."
> What is the sense of the group about getting the FCC
> to seriously consider such a proposal?
> What are the "cons" that I don't see?
> 73 DE Dave AB5S

I'd be willing to sign a letter to all of the members of the House
and Senate Technology Committees and other relevant Committees,
as well as to the FCC to encourage the necessary exemption for

Let's spread the word wide and far to all concerned or interested
and see what reaction we get.  It is good PR for Ham Radio even
if they say no ... and we still can monitor and make phone calls.

73, DavidC  K1YP

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