GB> 600m Liberation Navy (SMLN)

Jeffrey Herman (WH6U) jeffreyh at HAWAII.EDU
Thu Jan 28 15:02:56 EST 1999

On Thu, 28 Jan 1999, Conard Murray wrote:
> Wow! It sure looks like there are some interested parties out there.
> I think organization is better.
> First, we need to see how many of us are interested in pursuing this
> 'officially.'
> We will need a variety of people to get this done right. Does anyone want to
> volunteer as name-taker?

Okay Gang - let's see who we can count on to get this proposal going.
Send me an off-list email.

I suggest we pull the ARRL into this - they have the experience
writing such proposals and they have the connections at the FCC
to insure the proposal gets the proper audience. The NTIA is a
very amateur-friendly office (within the executive branch) so
they too should be a recipient of the proposal.

This should be a rewarding (and fun!) project!

73, Jeff WH6U

P.S. Does someone want to volunteer to set up an email list for us?
I think has an easy method for creating a list. Maybe
we can title the new list "SMLN"  (e.g., smln at

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